Our Curriculum

Emphasis is placed on the quality of the interactions among the staff and children and on the developmental appropriateness of3s-table the curriculum. The programs are designed to allow different age groups of children to develop in a secure homelike environment responsive to their changing abilities and needs. Goals for children include social and personal growth and overall competence in early skill development.

Interactions between staff and children are characterized by warmth, mutual respect and affection. Daily communication between staff and parents insures that each child’s program will be in his/her best interest, providing continuity between home and school. Staff-to-child ratios are kept low to accommodate individual needs.

In developing curriculum at CCDC teachers are guided by the State of Connecticut’s Early Learning and Development Standards as well as The Creative Curriculum. These tools allow teachers to use their observations of children to adapt curriculum ideas to meet individual and program goals. These standards help us define what children should know, understand and be able to do and inform our decisions about what, how and when to teach young children the skills and knowledge they need for success in school and in life.  We are committed to Developmentally Appropriate Practice as defined by National Association for the Education of Young Children.