Misbehaviors are an expected part of the early childhood years and provide our staff the opportunity to teach children the tools they need to respond to conflict, manage strong feelings, develop social conventions and follow basic rules of safety.  Effective discipline establishes limits and provides alternative, more acceptable behaviors while enabling children to develop self-control.  Staff use positive techniques of guidance, including direct support, redirection, reflection, modeling, descriptive appreciation and encouragement. The staff NEVER use physical punishment or other negative discipline methods that hurt, frighten, threaten, humiliate or abuse children.

ny-b1We view conflict as a natural part of the group experience.  As children develop independent problem solving skills in the preschool years they are encouraged to negotiate solutions with their peers with decreasing levels of direct teacher support. We believe that discipline is effective when provided lovingly, consistently, and fairly. Expectations for children’s behavior are defined by principals of developmentally appropriate practice.