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  • We are a non-profit, educational childcare center serving families with children from infancy through their preschool years
  • We provide enrichment and support to families and children who live or work in mid-Fairfield County, Connecticut
  • We provide year round care in five unique programs to embrace our child and family centered philosophy

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About Us

In the late 1970’s several employees of the Westport Public Schools began discussing the possibility of developing an early childhood center for their young children. They sought to establish “…a quality early childhood care and education center involving a high degree of parent participation…with consistent loving care…[a] daycare [that] serves as an extended family, offering enrichment and support that can be beneficial for parent and child alike.”

This parent group came together with the Child Care Council, a non-profit agency interested in expanding quality childcare, and the Westport Infant Toddler Center was established to meet the needs of working families. The program opened in 1979 with five children and two teachers in a classroom at the Greens Farms Elementary School.

In 1980, our founders came together with other organizations serving children and their families to form the Parent Child Center at the Hillspoint School. The additional space in the new building enabled the Westport Infant Toddler Center to expand its program to serve younger infants and preschoolers. To reflect the broader scope of the services, the name was changed to the Children’s Community Daycare Center (CCDC). The high standards for quality early care and education in an intimate environment remained as constants in this transition.

In 1988, CCDC was granted accreditation from the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, among the first early childhood programs in the nation to achieve this status. In 2004, the name of the program changed to the Children’s Community Development Center.

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Emphasis is placed on the quality of the interactions among the staff and children and on the developmental appropriateness of3s-table the curriculum. The programs are designed to allow different age groups of children to develop in a secure homelike environment responsive to their changing abilities and needs. Goals for children include social and personal growth and overall competence in early skill development.

Interactions between staff and children are characterized by warmth, mutual respect and affection. Daily communication between staff and parents insures that each child’s program will be in his/her best interest, providing continuity between home and school. Staff-to-child ratios are kept low to accommodate individual needs.

In developing curriculum at CCDC teachers are guided by the State of Connecticut’s Early Learning and Development Standards as well as The Creative Curriculum. These tools allow teachers to use their observations of children to adapt curriculum ideas to meet individual and program goals. These standards help us define what children should know, understand and be able to do and inform our decisions about what, how and when to teach young children the skills and knowledge they need for success in school and in life. We are committed to Developmentally Appropriate Practice as defined by National Association for the Education of Young Children.


CCDC enrolls sixty-three children each year in our five programs. Families are referred through friends, family members, colleagues, realtors, information & referral agencies or internet research. Children are placed in individual programs by the year of their birth and remain with the same cohort of peers throughout their enrollment. Transitions are limited to once per year. The continuity within the groups and the limited transitions supports relationships among children as well as among their families.

Application for Enrollment Families interested in enrollment are required to visit and meet with the Director prior to submitting an application. Our application can be completed online here.

Families with Infants should also complete a supplemental application to be submitted along with the main application. The application for the Infant Program can be downloaded here in PDF fillable format.

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We welcome and appreciate your support. Throughout our history, CCDC has been committed to providing scholarships to low and moderate income families who could not otherwise afford to join our community. All donations are directed to our Scholarship Fund.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the CCDC family! We welcome inquiries from families interested in learning more about our philosophy and approach to early childhood care and education. Please complete and submit the Inquiry Form below and we will contact you. If you do not hear from us within two business days, please feel free to call us at 203-226-8033 ext.7

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In order to determine the best fit for our program, it is important for our staff to learn about the needs and priorities of prospective families. After reviewing our published information, families are encouraged to visit the facility, meet key members of our staff and learn more about what to expect if enrolled at CCDC.

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